Replaced 23 year old Carrier Heat Pump and Furnace with a Maytag 2 Stage unit with . Also wrapped pipes in insulation wrap in our crawl space.

Dan (the owner) came to my house, sat down and explained to me the different systems he has available and how they worked. He suggested the size of the system and examined the system I had and showed me comparisions of how much more efficient the newer systems are. We compared price, quality and warranties and then I asked about customer reviews and he provided an extensive and exhaustive list of all of his customers with leave to call them and ask about him and his company. I called several previous customers and all of them loved the job he did except for one gentlemen complained that it took to long for him to arrive. (it was an elderely man whose furnace quit working in the middle of a winter storm. I did not take the complaint as serious!) Never once did Dan try to "sell me" on a certain brand, he only showed the comparisions and ratings and told of how each brand has different degrees of quality within their own lines. I narrowed it down to three brands and then we discussed the pros and cons of those. He told me where to look on the internet to get reviews of each but caution me to take reviews with a "grain of salt" because a lot of customer complaints about systems have more to do with installation than quality problems with the products. I chose the Maytag system (never knew they made heat pumps!) because of their excellent warranty and reliability. Dan and his men arrived on time and did their work quietly and very efficiently with minumum disruption. I was impressed with their knowledge and craftsmanship, these were not "fly by night" contractors but true professionals! I would never hesitate to recommend them! You will not go wrong with Better Choice!


- Keith Tipton