I use Better Choice for Heating & Air Conditioning. They provide me with services twice a year, once for the winter check up and once for the summer check up. They always change the filter on the A/C and then they check the coils and everything. They check both the Air Conditioning and the Heating units.

I have used them for 25 years. They call every year and say, "Do you want it done?" and I'm like, "Okay." I haven't had any complaints with them.


- Anita Raturi

I hired the company to install a new furnace and AC unit and for any repairs I have needed.

I have been using the company for about 10 years. They are always punctual and work with you really well to make repairs rather than just try to sell you new equipment. The technicians are very helpful and knowledgeable. I have had no issues with scheduling.


- Julie Hoffmann

Our gas furnace wasn't igniting so in addition to the usual clean and check that we have done in October, the technicians tested, replaced a part and repaired our furnace. After checking, cleaning and testing the system parts, they replaced a bad board. 

As always, we were very pleased with Better Choice. They are a small business with very knowledgeable, professional people who care about the work that they do. They go beyond what other providers would do to keep your systems running and to save you money. This is the only company that I will use for our heating and cooling needs.


- Angela Mascolino

I had recd bids to see why my heat pump wasn't working. One company came out and stated I needed a whole new system. Another came out and said a new fan at approx 500 would get me back up and running so I called Better Choice and they also said the fan but at a cost of $345

I did the obvious and went with Better Choice. My daughter lives down the street and I have called Better Choice several times to help them out with their air conditioning.


- Gail Dabney

Bought a rental property and has a oil furnace (I know nothing about this first time owning one ) he came in and tuned it up and installed a barametric controller on it said I should save a lot of oil with this part that should have been installed when furnace was installed . Furnace is working good , but I'm going to have gas ran into house and have dan install. Whole new set up , he gave me a quote for he one and was really surprised at the price , dan is just a honest guy and will tell you what you need and what you don't need , been using home and his crew for years and never disappointed with sales or service.

Thanks dan and crew once again great job


- Chris Yuellig

Dan came out to check our furnace after a winter of $600 plus electric bills!

Within an hour of being here he educated us that our heat pumps breaker was OFF all winter! We didn't know there was an exterior breaker for the pump. Since then our bills have been under 300 for an all electric home. While here he did a full system tune up and changed filters in our humidifiers as well. Dan has been working on my grandparents systems for over two decades. Phenomenal knowledge and professionalism!


- Chuck Beyersdoefer

Dan replaced the heat pump system in a rental home in 2010. The home is currently for sale and the furnace stopped working. When I called him he was ready to check it out that day. He replaced the fan, and it was under warranty. He was very generous with his time and lexibility to help me out in a hard situation not being in town and the home being up for sale. I wrote a great review for him when he installed the units, and echo that again. Thank you!


- Jessica Syverson

Cleaned air conditioning compressor. Replaced incorrect repair from previous year on the "battery pack" Also replaced fan unit. Cleaned up mud when he finished.

I called for service about 9 am and was informed they work geographically not as orders come in. They are able to get to more clients in a day if they stay in a 10-15 mile radius. It was going to be a day or 2. I got a call about 2 pm saying they were finished early with another client and could come in 30 mintues would I be home. I was out but got home 5 minutes after the owner was at my home. He had the needed parts and finished in 30 minutes. My family got to stay cool!


- Lori Jones

I used Better Choice Heating & AC to service my air conditioner.  They service my furnace as well.

I use their services regularly.  I have an oil furnace and not everybody knows how to service it.  They are very courteous, very professional, and very reliable.  I've been using their services for about eight years now.  I would highly recommend them.


- Anna Reising

Replaced 23 year old Carrier Heat Pump and Furnace with a Maytag 2 Stage unit with . Also wrapped pipes in insulation wrap in our crawl space.

Dan (the owner) came to my house, sat down and explained to me the different systems he has available and how they worked. He suggested the size of the system and examined the system I had and showed me comparisions of how much more efficient the newer systems are. We compared price, quality and warranties and then I asked about customer reviews and he provided an extensive and exhaustive list of all of his customers with leave to call them and ask about him and his company. I called several previous customers and all of them loved the job he did except for one gentlemen complained that it took to long for him to arrive. (it was an elderely man whose furnace quit working in the middle of a winter storm. I did not take the complaint as serious!) Never once did Dan try to "sell me" on a certain brand, he only showed the comparisions and ratings and told of how each brand has different degrees of quality within their own lines. I narrowed it down to three brands and then we discussed the pros and cons of those. He told me where to look on the internet to get reviews of each but caution me to take reviews with a "grain of salt" because a lot of customer complaints about systems have more to do with installation than quality problems with the products. I chose the Maytag system (never knew they made heat pumps!) because of their excellent warranty and reliability. Dan and his men arrived on time and did their work quietly and very efficiently with minumum disruption. I was impressed with their knowledge and craftsmanship, these were not "fly by night" contractors but true professionals! I would never hesitate to recommend them! You will not go wrong with Better Choice!


- Keith Tipton

I used Better Choice Heating & Ac in August and they replaced the heat pump system in the house.

I spent $5000 on that service. I was really happy with the work and I would definitely recommend them and use them again. I think I got about three quotes and they were the lowest and they worked with me on the price. They ran into a snag toward the end of the project where it was a different size duct and they had to manufacture a new one, but they were very prompt in continuing to keep the project on track to have the pump replaced. I was really happy with the way that they worked through that as well. I was happy with their price and time-wise and their expertise was great.


- Jessica Syverson

Dan replaced my thermostat after discovering it was the cause of my a/c not turning on.

My experience went well with Dan. He is honest about his pricing and does not try to upsell his products. He came out on a Sunday to fix my a/c and got it running in 45 minutes. I would give dan a call if you need any a/c or heating work.


- Matthew Roeber

I have been using Better Choice Heating & A/C for my heating and air conditioning needs for about 9 years.

I like him because he is honest and he does a good job. He is not overly high cost wise and I would definitely continue to use him in future.


- Sherri Pedoto

They've put two new furnaces in for us. They clean them at the change of the season and they also put in a new circuit board in our garage.

They're really neat people. They're efficient, clean and try to fit you in to your schedule, especially if it's an emergency. We've referred them to all of our family.


- Jane Stenger

Replaced my home heat pump system.

Dan provided detailed options and information to replace/repair an ailing heat pump. We decided to replace it. The unit was replaced on a timely basis. I appreciated that he would call me at work when he expected to be late. Their work was quick and efficient; they worked into the evening to complete job. They left the area neat and clean. (I can't rate the price because we did not have other comparable bids.)


- Richard Schmidt

His person came out and stopped my humidifier/heater from leaking. As usual, these guys were prompt, efficient and good.

They do a great job. I have had work done by them for years and I am so glad to make a positive comment on their service. I am glad they do electric work too.


- Ronnie Coleman